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Anguilla: We were the only ones sailing around

Written by Renato Matiolli

Anguilla lies just north of St Martin and it is not much visited by the Cruising community as it has really high cruising costs, a series of restrictions and not much infrastructure. We had quite an adventure there since we decided to sail around during the windiest days since we got to the Caribbean.

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Apart from the really high cruising costs, Anguilla is exactly the type of place we love to go – it has great diving and kiting spots, it is not so much visited as its neighbor islands, so you don’t find as many sailing boats around, and it also has amazing beaches and crystal clear waters.


The sail to Anguilla was rough, we had strong weather against us. The wind was consistently above 30 knots with gusts of 45 knots. The boat was very noisy but everyone was ok and enjoying the ride. Ipanema and I were probably the ones who suffered the most.


It is such a pity that we decided to visit the country during such a windy series of days. The anchorages were really rough and we couldn’t enjoy a peaceful visit to some of the classic destinations such as Sandy Islands and Prickly Pear Island.


On the other hand, the south side of the island, which is usually a bit rough, was perfect and we enjoyed Maunday’s Bay as well as Rendezvous Bay.


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The company of our Portuguese friends was the highlight. They were up for anything, they went snorkeling and swimming everyday, wanted to explore a different place each day, they helped on the boat and always had nice stories to tell. More importantly, they loved Feijão.

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When we arrived Rendezvous Bay we ran over an old fishing trap, which got all tangled around one of our propellers. I had to put on my diving gear and took me about one hour in the water to undo that whole mess and free up the propeller. While I was there working, I was watched very closely by a scary Great Barracuda, which made me quite uncomfortable with that whole situation. Now that we are free we have to use the boat for a while and wait to see if something was really damaged by that stupid fishing trap. Let’s cross our fingers and hope for the best.

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Unfortunately it is time to say so long to our Portuguese friends. We hope they will be back soon.

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We will now move on towards the BVIs (British Virgins Islands) and we are really excited about it. The islands are famous for great diving, nice bays and easy to cruise around. Lets hope for milder winds and waves!


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