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At last in Greece: a great start at the North Ionian Islands

Written by Renato Matiolli

IMG_7391_FotorThings are finally running perfectly smoothly! The crossing from Italy to Greece was a piece of cake. It was the same length as the other one from Croatia do Italy, but our guests helped A LOT on the night shifts, the wind and waves were in perfect direction and we manage to sail 90% of the way! This time around Neptune, Yemanja and Inhansã were on our side and Feijão had foodie dreams the entire time!

We post a lot of pictures of Feijão active, but to be honest this is not the reality. A good parallel is like going to the Zoo to see lions vs. seeing pictures of them posted by National Geographic. When you go to the Zoo the bloody beasts are always sleeping, but when you see the pictures from National Geographic they are always chasing a gazelle or a gnu. Feijão is like that… he sleeps a lot. I want to be like him one day.

Well, sorry for the lost of focus. So going back to our trip, our first stop in Greece was Erikoussa: a quite small island mainly visited by yacht cruisers. This place is located just a few miles north of Corfu. It has one windmill, a nice sandy beach, one market, a couple of restaurants and a few houses. Exactly the type of place we are looking for.

IMG_7363_Fotor  P1140062_Fotor

The sandy beach at the island is the closest one we have found to Ipanema and Feijão went bananas running back and forth close to the waterline. He also found an hyperactive friend called Calypso, which got Feijão quite tired and gave us a good time to rest.

At Erikoussa our guests tried out using the SUPs as a tandem. They did great! However we could not help to capture the only moment in which they did not do so great….

P1140145_Fotor  P1140150_Fotor  P1140156_Fotor

Next stop was the famous Corfu Island. We anchored next to the fancy Gouvina marina, as in a few days time we were going to move in to the marina to get a big job done on our starboard Volvo engine. To our surprise it was a quite charming bay, we stayed there for three nights, but we lost all the pictures we took since we forgot to put the SD card on the camera 🙁

During these days we got a lot of things done. We cleared all the formalities with Port Authority, Customs and Passport Control. On the boat, we fix the engine, the electric winch, the automatic and manual bilge pump and bought a lot of small things we needed. We have also refilled our cooking gas tank and got some fresh groceries on board.

IMG_7400_Fotor  IMG_7437_Fotor

IMG_7401_FotorWe did a lot of stuff, however amongst all these tasks, the most important thing we did was to eat our first Moussaka! My brother is going to be so jealous of this. The Greeks know their way around the kitchen.

Once all the jobs were done we moved anchor to Corfu old town. This was an amazing spot because you can anchor just next to the main fort and take your dinghy to be literally tied on its walls next to the local fishermen boats.

P1140174_Fotor P1140175_Fotor

P1140161  foto_Fotor

At Corfu town we found a great park with tons of dogs for Feijão to play around with. It was quite similar to the place we used to take him in Leblon, in Rio, right before we started our journey. We also found his food in town and he has been skateboarding around the charming and narrow Corfu alleys to entertain the local enthusiasts.

IMG_7428_Fotor  IMG_7497_Fotor

We than moved south to Lakka bay in Paxos Island. This is also a place mainly visited by yacht cruisers. You anchor on a beautiful shallow sandy bay, take your dinghy to town and find out that there are 30 to 40 of them parked next to each other. The few cafes and restaurants were filled with sailors. We LOVED this place!

IMG_7454_Fotor IMG_7480_Fotor P1140184_Fotor

On the next day we anchored on Mongonissi bay, still in Paxos Island. This is also a beautiful small bay. What was not so good at this place was that a few hours later, 20+ boats from Sailing Holliday showed up overcrowding the place. They had a huge dinner with live super loud music until quite late at night… I guess that did not suit so much this quiet little bay. To be honest, it seemed a fun party… the only problem with it was that we were not invited and Feijão barked throughout the night.

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 8_Fotor 3

We had decided to go to Mongonisi bay because on the map we could see a river that would take you to the other side of the island and there we knew of a great place to dive. Unfortunately, when we got to the bay we notice that the river was too narrow and too shallow for the dinghy and even for the SUPs to go through. So we just used our time to eat and do some siesta! Not a bad plan B.

DSC00737_Fotor DSC00746_Fotor DSC00751_Fotor

We are now moving south to Lefkada Island, which is on our way to Zakynthos

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