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Cartagena: back to civilization

Written by Renato Matiolli

It has been quite a while since we last anchored in a port with a city all around us. I guess last time it was in Puerto Rico and Cartagena is just as beautiful. We had forgotten how good it felt to be in the civilization… life is sooooooo much easier.

The crossing from Sapzurro to Cartagena was better than expected. We thought we would have little winds and against us, but we had some good wind and from sideways. We sailed half way there and we were really pleased with the unexpected help from the wind. During our first year in the Med, I always had the impression the weather was worst than forecasted. Recently I have had the opposite impression. To make things better, dolphins came to escort and guide us to Cartagena.

In Cartagena we anchored just outside the Club Nautico marina and quite close to the old town. For a few bucks you can use their dinghy dock, laundry, showers and Internet. Life is really easy close to civilization. Besides good Internet, laundry and fresh water in the marina, Cartagena has all the facilities of a normal city. We found a nice supermarket close by, lots of nice restaurants and a place to refill our cooking gas bottles. There are also a few boat shops around, as well as great boating services. We had forgotten how good it feels to easily get a lot of things done in the same day. On top of that Cartagena’s Old City is amazing.: an UNESCO world heritage site that needs no introduction.


The major work we did in Cartagena was to “re-galvanize” our quite rusty anchor chain. In the process we figured out we actually have 130 meters of chain (and not 100). We also learnt that our chain weights 450 kilos. As a result the service cost us 30% more than we thought it would. We can’t complain, as the result was impressive. Furthermore, when it comes to safety we can’t think about saving. We expect this beautiful chain will take care of us for many years to come.


The one really unpleasant thing about our time in Cartagena was that Feijão was feeling a bit under the weather. We took him to the vet (using a groceries kart), ran some exams and realized he in fact was quite sick. Our chubby one had a type of blood parasite that needed treatment. So now we are treating him as well as spoiling the clumsy one more than ever. Good thing that we were close to a city to find a good vet. By the way, another unfortunate thing about Cartagena/Colombia is that Bull Terriers have to wear a muzzle.

So long Cartagena. We will sail back soon.

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