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Culebra: What at great
start of Puerto Rico

Written by Renato Matiolli

We arrived in Puerto Rico through Culebra Island, also know as one of the Spanish Virgin Islands. This place is heaven on earth and we had a blast here. The locals are the best and most welcoming people, Feijão loved the beaches, we managed to hunt quite a decent sized lobster for dinner, we surfed perfect waves at a secret spot and finally we dove with sharks. What a great transition after the BVIs.

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We did the customs and immigration paperwork here with no bureaucracy, than we went for a walk around the village to get some American pizza and ice cream! After spending the night in Culebra we move to one of the most beautiful places we have been in this trip, Culebrita Island. Here you can find free laid out mooring buoys for you to tie your boat to and not many people around. Just perfect!

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We stayed for a few days waiting for a swell to come so that I could surf the reefs just outside our anchorage. The swell did show up and it was pretty good, long right-handers breaking over a beautiful reef with crystal clear water. When the waves were pumping a couple of super cool and friendly locals showed up in a small fishing boat and asked us to keep it as a secret so no pictures or detailed location here. Sorry. All we got was some pictures of another small surfing reef break before the waves decided to show up: very small, yet fun.


While we waited for the swell we stayed in Tortuga beach, a pristine location that Feijão loved, in the late afternoons he had the whole beach for himself to run around. He also had yet another set of swimming classes. The clumsy Tasmania Devil didn’t really love this part, but we think it’s important for him to learn so that he doesn’t panic if he ever falls over board, giving us enough time to go back and rescue him. One thing he loves is to be chased around, but his energy doesn’t last for too long. After a couple of sprints he lies down and rests by the water line. Here we also found some nice hikes, you can walk to other beaches and to a lighthouse.

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Just around the surfing reef we found some caves with yummy lobsters around. We selected a decent sized adult (we made sure it had no eggs, and we actually think it was male) and brought it home for dinner. We are now eating more seafood at Ipanema again. The great stuff about lobsters is that they don’t have ciguatera, a disease found in some places around the Caribbean which one can get from eating fish that feed on coral or predators that eat those fish. Because of this since Guadeloupe we haven’t been fishing much. If feels great to eat the catch of the day again. We are also a lot more confortable spearfishing rather than fishing with the rod as underwater we can choose exactly what we want… we can make sure it doesn’t have any eggs, that it’s an adult, yet not too big, just enough to feed us for that day. Fishing with the rod is too much of a gamble and we never know what we are going to get, if we can hunt, we rather do it.

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While we waited for the swell we also went diving around the island. The visibility was great and we even found a couple of nurse sharks laying quietly on the seabed. They are nocturnal hunters so during the day they just do nothing, just like Feijão. Even though they are almost toothless Sarah got a bit freaked out, although she said she enjoyed seeing them.

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Well, the waves are gone and there is some good wind coming in so unfortunately it is time to say goodbye to Culebrita and sail west towards San Juan. We are excited about it as Sarah has some friends living in the capital and hopefully we are going to meet up with them.

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