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Dominica: Amazon Forest
in the Caribbean

Written by Renato Matiolli

Our short days in Dominica were great, the locals are amazing and the landscape inland is breathtaking. It feels like you are in a rain forest in Brazil. Unfortunately this was another place we felt bad leaving so early and having to rush through.

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We sailed all of Dominica’s west coast and arrived in Portsmouth bay, on the island’s northwest corner.


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P1210093_FotorThe reception could not be better. A smiley guy named Ken come to great us. He is one of the P.A.Y.S. (Portsmouth Association of Yacht Services) guys. They do exactly the same stuff as the guys in Pitons in Santa Lucia, but with passion, a big smile and without harassing the sailing boats.

As soon as we were safely anchored we went to Felix Art Bar to use Internet and taste the best Rum Punch in Dominica. We stayed drinking and surfing the net until the bar and all the other restaurants were closed. Suddenly we were starving and realized that there were no options for food around, Felix was super kind and offered some of his own tasty dinner with us (flying fish barbecue he was cooking with a friend). This is the type of people Dominicans are. The atmosphere at this place could not be better.


Next day, we asked our friend and tour guide Ken, who greeted us on arrival, to take everyone to visit the Indian River. The landscape is amazing, with a thick forest around it, we felt like being in the middle of the Amazon, but without Piranhas nor Alligators… great stuff. One of the cool things about this place is that they shot Pirates of the Caribbean here and they now have a replica of the witch Calypso’s house for you to visit.

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The only downside of our trip to Dominica was that Katarina left us. She has lots of spark and the boat felt empty without her. However we are sure she is happy right now as she got an awesome job in a mega yacht in Palau, we know she will be very successful. She a beautiful, bright and hard working girl and we know she we be able to conquer anything she puts her effort into. We already miss her and so does Feijão.

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The good stuff is that Duda and Raquel are still with us. They will be here all the way to Antigua, which includes a few days in Guadalupe as well.

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Of course Feijão continues to be a troublemaker and his presence never goes unnoticed. This time he made three really cute friends in Portsmouth, and once again we got lots of offers from people wanting to buy him or have his puppies.



Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 9_Fotor

IMG_0155_Fotor 2By the way, food at Ipanema continues to be one of the highlights. This week we had an awesome sunset barbecue one our last day in Dominica. We hope our great Vegan friend Laurinha does not read this post.


Now it is time to set sail again. We are leaving Dominica with the felling that we have only scratched the surface of what there is to be seen and done in the country, however we have to get going otherwise we won’t leave the hurricane belt in time. So it is time to get to know beautiful Guadalupe! Vive la France!


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