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Enjoying Santa Lucia:
“Respect, man”

Written by Renato Matiolli

After a few maintenance days we have spent a week travelling around Santa Lucia. We had awesome guests accompanying us, we visited some breath taking locations, we made new friends, we surfed, we kited and we had Santa Claus stopping by the boat on our departure.

So after all the maintenance was over we had two returning guests on the boat. First it was Katarina, our Croatian friend, she had previously been on Ipanema in Croatia during the Adriatic Lagoon Regatta last May. This time she came with a friend, the super sweet Jessica from Australia. They were working together in a mega yacht in Antigua and decided to take some time off with us. Feijão was really happy about this, we think he had a big crush on them… maybe because they were giving him Banana Coladas when we were not paying attention.

P1200850_Fotor  P1200673_Fotor

That same day in the afternoon Duda arrived. He had previously been with us in Sardinia and Menorca last August. This time he did not come alone as a third wheel, he brought Raquel, his super beautiful, sweet and fun girlfriend along. This couple not only helps us a lot, but they know how to enjoy the boat life, they are always exploring the new place we anchor with the SUPs and they also spend a lot of time in the water snorkelling.

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Santa Lucia is a relatively recent volcanic island with quite a hilly landscape. When the trade winds that come from the East encounters these walls it creates a lot of rain and as a result, a beautiful green rain forests can be found all over the country. The mixture of crystal clear blue waters and deep green forests makes post card like locations.

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The spots we liked the most were the north side of Rodney Bay with its National Park, Piton Point and our favorite bay in the Caribbean so far: Marigot Bay. This is a super-charming place surrounded by coconut and mango trees – my favorite tree. It has also some beautiful restaurants and bars around the anchor area.

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P1200704_Fotor  P1200690_Fotor


P1200612_FotorWhile we were in Santa Lucia I realized I needed to urgently get a hair cut, not only the immigration officer did not believe that I was me when looking at my passport picture, but I was also a drug dealer magnet, there was always someone one the streets asking me if I wanted to buy something. First night out we went to the world famous fish fry party and I could not take too steps without hearing “Ganja, man?”. Most people in Santa Lucia were really nice, like the guy who would stop by our boat to sell fresh fruits or our local friend Murphy (“Respect, man”), but in some places we were really annoyed by having too many people offering us drugs all of the time or harassing us to get a buoy so they could get some money. For example, when we arrived at Pitons Point a dinghy followed us way too closely for about 45 minutes, really uncomfortable situation, they insisted we had to get a buoy from them, they looked like those pirates from the movie Capitan Phillips.

P1200905_FotorOn the positive side, one thing that I can’t avoid to mention is how Sarah has become such a fantastic cook. Every week she tries a different recipe she has never done before and they all came out fantastic. This week’s special was the ‘Traffic Light Rotollo’, a super yummy veggie dish she got from Jamie Oliver’s book.

As per water activities in St. Lucia we managed to surf at Pigeon’s Point, which is a left hand wave that breaks just north of Rodney Bay National Park. This is a good wave but not world class. What really amazed us was the kiting action at Cas en Bas, Plantation Beach. This place is a great combination of flat water and waves on the outside, perfect for kite surfers of all levels.

P1200857_Fotor  P1200795_Fotor

P1200829_Fotor  P1200841_Fotor

P1200893_FotorWhile everyone was kiting, when Sarah got out of the water she found Farofa, who almost became Feijão’s brother, but then she realized he was way too young to be taken away from his mother.

Talking about kiting the most amazing thing happened to us when we were leaving Rodney Bay Marina… When we arrived the day before we had seen that the boat Zenith (colocar link??) was docked close to us and I quickly went to talk to the captain to say how much I admire their project. They were quite busy getting the boat ready so I did not bother them for too long. For those who do not know, Zenith is just the best boat if you are planning to make a serious kite surfing trip. The boat is fully prepared and the captain knows all the best spots in the Caribbean. Check out their website: Well, and when we were about to leave the marina, the captain ran over and asked: “Are you guys sailing around the world? Do you want to kite around?” I’m sure you can picture my face when I replied… “Hell yeah! That’s the dream”. He asked us to hold on for just a second, ran to his boat and came back with an awesome kite with a bar as a present for us. He said he had checked out our website the previous night and really liked it. How F#$%in cool was that?! How lucky are we? Buying stuff is really hard for us, most of the time we are in far away places with limited shopping around, trying to buy a good kite even harder; this was like Santa Claus knocking on our door during daylight. The only thing he said when we were leaving and thanking over and over again was… “Spread the Love Man”. What a cool dude. Hopefully one day we can be like him!


Well, unfortunately again it is time to say goodbye. This time to amazing Santa Lucia!


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