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Guadeloupe: Me like you;
you like me?

Written by Renato Matiolli

Imagine that you were God and that you could create a really cool location. I can picture a lot of people putting together a place with a strong French/European touch, including great bistros, nice wine, quite safe and well organized, yet with great Caribbean weather, at the sea, crystal clear water, great diving and lots of coconut trees, finally with friendly, welcoming and joyful people… well apparently God thought of it as well and put all of this together in a place called Guadeloupe.

Well, Guadeloupe is another FOD (French Overseas Department); whatever this means… for us the important thing is that it means you can find really great baguette, croissants, pain au chocolat, wine as well as fancy ice cream shops. It also means that people do not shower too often, that you can’t eat at 3 or 4 pm since it is neither lunch nor dinner time and that people speak French and only French, so communication is really, really challenging, yet lots of fun.


While trying to communicate in French always amuses me, I don’t understand it. How can it be possible that in a very touristy place, the people who work with tourists from everywhere in the world are not able to speak really basic English? Guys, seriously, let’s face reality; the British won the language battle… big time… deal with it and carry on. Do not fight against inevitability.

Sorry for letting it out… I will keep it together from now on… so going back to beautiful Guadaloupe, the formalities here were just as amazing as in Martinique: No bureaucracy whatsoever. So we could spend all our time enjoying the place and we decided to spend most of our time there in some tinny islands called Iles des Saints, which are located just south of the main island.

During these days we still had Duda and Raquel with us on the boat and we couldn’t ask for better company. We rented two scooters and went all around.

IMG_0087_Fotor  P1210297_Fotor

P1210186_Fotor  P1210184_Fotor


After lots of exploring we decided that our three favorite spots were: Fort du Napoleon and their local habitants;


P1210344_Fotor  P1210314_Fotor

Baie du Marigot and its view from above and;

P1210327_Fotor  P1210323_Fotor

P1210329_Fotor  P1210295_Fotor

A place called Baie de Pompierre, which somehow reminded us of Sueste beach in Noronha.

P1210168_Fotor  P1210167_Fotor


P1210150_Fotor  P1210189_Fotor

Baie de Pompierre also has some interesting marine life to be explored.


At Baie de Pompierre Sarah and Raquel decide to play around with their hair in the water. I guess this is what people do when they have too much spare time.

P1210240_Fotor  P1210256_Fotor

P1210208_Fotor  P1210270_Fotor

Well, now it’s time to explore Antigua and we got there escorted by dolphins. This time around we sailed with very very light wind, which means… Gennekar time! And a scary drone flight with the boat on the move to capture the moment.

P1210409_Fotor  Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 10_Fotor 3

IMG_0286_Fotor  P1210384_Fotor

It is also time to say goodbye to Duda and Raquel, an amazing couple. We will miss them a lot, but we know they will be back soon. These two know how to enjoy life and we learn a lot with them.


As per the Caribbean, the more we travel, the more we realize that a one year trip around here is just too short. There is just so much more to be seen. And yet again we left Guadaloupe with that felling that we haven’t seen enough of this beautiful country. We have just arrived here but we are seriously considering spending another season in the region.

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