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Islas Perlas: A quick stop on our way to Galapagos

Ipanema Las Perlas
Written by Renato Matiolli
In terms of wild life, the short crossing from Panama City to Islas Perlas was our most amazing crossing ever and it will be hard to be beaten. The Las Perlas islands were beautiful but we were so excited to arrive in Galapagos that we just stayed a little while.

The crossing from Panama to Islas Perlas took us less than half a day. We left mid morning and arrived mid afternoon. However, during the crossing we saw: THOUSANDS of dolphins, not kidding… thousands of them! Hundreds of stingrays, a hand full of whales and (unfortunately) we caught and immediately released a couple of baby sharks on the fishing line when we were actually trying to get some lunch. The birds were also feasting and everywhere. It was crazy, not even in Galapagos we ended up seeing so much action in the water from the boat. It was really out of control.

  Whale las perlas

Though the aerial pictures looked amazing, unfortunately when we arrive in Islas Perlas, the water was very clean but it was quite murky and cold. So not extremely inviting for diving nor snorkeling around.

So we decided to go ashore and explore the islands on foot. I have never seen so many birds. They were super loud and beautiful. It is incredible to be able to go to a place so wild like this just a few miles away from one of the main cities in Central America.

Feijão also came onshore with us and went wild running around the white fluffy sand like there was not tomorrow. As if he knew he was going to be stuck on a boat for a long time and then not going to be allowed to go to shore in the Galapagos either. We slept non-stop that night.

We had been monitoring the weather forecast for a few days now. There was nothing promising for the Galapagos crossing came up for this nor next week. But nothing bad either. It is better to have little wind from a random direction than strong wind against you.

Since the crew had limited time to visit the islands and to wait for a perfect sailing window. So we decided to leave. This way we could all stay longer in Galapagos. However, if we did have unlimited time, we wished we had stayed longer in Las Perlas.

Las Perlas

Choices… choices… choices… living on a boat is not easy, you see?

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