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Panama City: A short and sweet stopover

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Written by Renato Matiolli

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We had just crossed the Panama Canal and finally anchored on the Pacific Ocean, just next to Panama City. Our adventure was about the begin, we were dying to visit Las Perlas island, the Galapagos and cross the Pacific. However, provisioning and formalities were needed first.

Our passage through Panama city was meteoric. We stayed less than 48 hours. It was a bit too fast but it was enough to cover all the basic steps we need to get done.

First activity on the agenda was the final provisioning. We bought a lot of stuff in the supermarket. This time we focused mainly on fruits and veggies which are best to buy in the last minute. When the matter is food, Feijao, as always, was super excited as he always thinks it is all to fill the chubby belly.

Feijao food


We than went on to complete all the formalities needed to leave the country. We went to the immigration, customs and port authority offices. They were all in different spots but not overly bureaucratic and easy to handle. To make things better, they were all super nice people who loved Brazilian soccer. By the way, being able to have a random five minute conversation about soccer usually makes things easier.

Finally, our last stop was at the gas station. We needed to refill our diesel tanks as we used a lot to cross the canal, and off we went, towards the unknown. Just like that we were sailing the Pacific Ocean. Our next stop would be Las Perlas islands.

What we left behind in Panama was… a bunch of great memories as well as new and old friends. We left in such a rush that we didn’t even have the opportunity to say a proper goodbye to some of them. So embarrassing…

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