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San Blas: Where it all began

Written by Renato Matiolli

Yes, we are now in the San Blas island. This place already had a very special place in our hearts. This is where it all began. Three years ago, through Google we found a Swedish couple and a dog sailing around the world. We contacted them, got a few days vacation and charter their boat. Then we spent a week exploring these stunning islands with them in their sailing catamaran… during that week we decide we wanted that lifestyle for us. Well, a few months later we got ourselves a chubby dog, bought a boat, quit our jobs, learn a bit how to sail and here we are. Cruising again around San Blas.

Well, that catamaran and its crew who inspired us are still sailing around the world and taking guests. They are the coolest crew out there, the captain: Daniel, his sweet mademoiselle: Anna, the welcoming dog: Vera and now they have a super cute daughter called Olivia. Bay Dreamer is the name of their boat.


The more we travel the more we realize how lucky we were to have ended up in their boat. Even without knowing us well, Daniel was probably one of the two people who influenced us, helped us and pushed us the most. He was always saying that anything was possible. Even a couple with no sailing experience could be doing this. Until today we continue to pick his brains and he helps us with whatever he can.

Well, the highlight of that week was certainly meeting them. However of course San Blas helped us a lot to make up our minds. It had everything, crystal clear water with amazing snorkeling, abundant marine life with great fishing, the unique Kunas and I also saw a lot of potential for kiting and surfing. So if we were ever going to be sailing around, San Blas will be for sure on our key destinations list. Not just a stop over, but a place to really spend some time.

In the future we will write another post on our experience cruising with Ipanema around the San Blas islands. We really would like to dedicate this post to our friends. I guess if we had stayed in another boat, we might not be here right now.


We miss you guys!

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