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First day out of the cave: SUP around Split

Written by Renato Matiolli

After a couple of weeks in Croatia with cloudy and really windy weather, Spring decided to show up and for the first time I was able to come out of the cave! I recently had a knee operation and I was doing daily physiotherapy sessions with pilates rubber bands, but today, the session was replaced by a SUP ride around Split’s national park called Margin. I left Split Marina and did a 3 hours ride to the western tip of the park and came back.


Though Split is one of the main cities in Croatia the water is amazingly transparent and you don’t see any trash in the water. I bet I could see at least 10-15 meters deep down bellow me. In some places there were some rocky beaches but at other points the rocky cliff would go straight into deep water.

1o SUP - 02       1o SUP - 03

There are no houses or other construction in the coastline of the national park, apart from 1o SUP - 05a few ruins. Well, that is until I found a strangely amazing mansion in the middle of the ride. Well, it happens that this house used to belong to a famous General Tito when Croatia was part of Yugoslavia. I tried to get closer to the house and someone from the inside yelled at me. I just kept calm and paddle on.

As the first spring day, I was certainly not the only one in t1o SUP - 06he water, I even found a crazy Croatian swimming around on his speedo, believe or not. No pictures as he would not be so appealing to the blog. I also found a super easy going fisherman with the coolest fishing boat I have ever seen. He seemed to be that type of guy that doesn’t get stressed out with anything and has all figured out, you know? I want to be like him when I grow up.

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