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The Balearic Islands – part II: Ibiza and Formentera

Written by Renato Matiolli

foto 1After Mallorca we sailed west to Ibiza with the same crew: Thiago, Carol, Sasha and Jelena. This time around the wind helped a lot and we managed to sail most of the time. This was quite a busy crossing: we saw dolphins, we saw something we believe to be sharks, and we caught a fish!!! We also got more photo shoot action for other sponsors: Richards and Spot Brasil. It is so cool to see a professional photographer in action. Now I understand why most of my photos come out suboptimal. Top quality photos takes a lot of effort.

_TB_3441  _TB_3410

_TB_3320_Fotor  _TB_3335_Fotor

I had been in Ibiza with my brother in 2007, we were supposed to stay there for at least a week. We stayed two days and ran away to Formentera. This time again was no different. The weather was not nice, we did not find good shelter for the boat and I was thrown out of a quite deserted beach at 7 am because I was walking Feijão. So right after we said good-bye to our amazing guests, Sarah, Feijão and I left straight to Formentera.

P1180893_Fotor  P1180909_Fotor

Formentera is an island just off Ibiza, which was taken over by Italians and it is a sort of “detox” place after Ibiza. The visitor are similar to those people that spend carnival in Salvador (Bahia – Brasil) and then relax a few days in Morro de São Paulo… something like that. Formentera reminds me a lot of Arraial do Cabo, close to Buzios (Rio de Janeiro – Brasil), it has nice sandy beaches, high cliffs and clear clam blue water, the main difference is that the water is slightly warmer and has a fancier and “poshier” crowd.

As soon as we dropped anchor in Formentera a big boat, with armed guys in uniform stop next to us and came on board to check it out. It was the customs. Apparently there are a lot of drugs coming in from Africa to Europe around here. The guys left the boat a bit of a mess after doing a standard search around it, but they were super nice and really liked Feijão. I asked if I could take a picture but unfortunately they did not allow us. However, one of them fell in love with Feijão and took lots of pictures of him on his phone, it was quite funny.
DSC01760_FotorThe coolest thing for us about Formentera is that one of our sponsors ( was doing a photo shot for their summer collection and they used our boat for part of it. We have never had so many people on board: photographers, production, managers, models, makeup artists, etc. What a fun crowd they were.

While most of our time in Formentera we were on anchor, we stayed in a nice Marina during the days that Richards was with us to makes things easier for them to get in and out of the boat. And guess what? In the marina Feijão found true and forbidden love on the boat next to ours: Fifi was her name. He tried to impress her with his skate boarding skills but the poor little rascal got no action.

IMG_8220_Fotor  P1180924_Fotor_Fotor

After the Richards team left we went back to anchor and we got some kite surfing action. Since it is forbidden to do it from the beach we had to take off and land from the boat. It was not an easy task but we managed to do it.

DSC01784_Fotor  DSC01804_Fotor  DSC01811_Fotor

Now we are just waiting for some good wind to take us to main land. We have been hoping from island to island for a while now, so it is time to do some coastal sailing.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 5_Fotor 2

While the wind does not show up we are just relaxing, updating our website, looking for crew to join us in the crossing from the Algarve to the Canaries, and the Atlantic one, and watching the most amazing sunrises and sunsets.


P1180866_Fotor  P1180832_Fotor

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  • Thank you for this article!
    I have been in the Balearic Islands (Ibiza and Mallorca) and it was an amazing experience! I visited a lot of places and did a website about it with some articles 🙂

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