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Turks and Caicos:
Again we had it all

Written by Renato Matiolli

During these past few days we did a lot in Providenciales. To start with we met the “incredible two”: Will and Caroline, a super cool young couple that work on an amazing catamaran. They like all the same stuff we do and so we went surfing and wakeboarding and did yoga together. Then we hosted my father and his wife Netica, together we spent a lazy day in an incredible resort at Grace Bay. Also we ran into a good friend of mine from business school, Ben Meyer, and his wife Pei. Together we joined our local guardian, Ian, who took us all kite surfing at Long Bay. Finally, Myriam, a friend of Sarah’s, joined us and we all went snorkeling with dolphins. What an amazing few days!


When we were planning our route in the Caribbean we knew we wanted to start in Barbados and end up in San Blas, Panama. This was an easy decision; the difficult one was which route to take across the Caribbean? We saw that there were pretty much two basic alternatives: the southern route or the northern route.

The southern route includes islands such as St Vincent, Grenada, Grenadines, Los Roques, Aruba and Curacao. The northern route includes Barbuda, St Barths, Anguilla, BVIs, Turks and Caicos, Bahamas and Cuba amongst others. Mainly because of the later three we chose the northern route and taking by Turks and Caicos, so far we feel like we hit the jackpot decision!


DSC02948_Fotor  DSC02971_Fotor

One of the reasons we liked Turks and Caicos so much was that as soon as we got to Providenciales, also known as Provo, we met Will and Caroline. They are a super cool beautiful couple from England and Sweden who are sailing around taking care of an incredible catamaran.

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These two have lots of energy and are always up to something. We like a lot of the same stuff and in day one they took us wakeboarding, which is Sarah’s favorite sport.

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Next day, our local friend Ian told us that there were a few waves breaking just outside of the canal where we were anchored. Will and I went to check it out and the surfing was epic. The waves were not big, but what an amazing day: weak offshore wind, crystal clear water, pristine reef and just the two of us out there.


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We surfed so much that we couldn’t move the next day. Luckily Caroline had spent some serious time in India fine-tuning her Yoga skills, so she is an amazing instructor, she took us for an Yoga session and we felt much better physically after it. Of course, spiritually we were already great after all that surfing.

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Next, it was time from my father and his wife to arrive. This is the second time they are on the boat, apart from bringing a huge piece of luggage again, they already seem to be old sailors. They feel very comfortable around the boat and Sarah and I are always really happy to have them on board. My father is somehow like Feijão, he is not the biggest fan of the ocean yet he makes the effort to come visit us and we are super grateful for that. Annete, on the other hand, is a sea-woman, she loves and enjoys everything and follow us everywhere.


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Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 2_Fotor 10

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To pamper them, on the first day we all went to an amazing resort! Sarah has two good friends, James and Joana, who recently moved out of Provo, it was a shame we did not get to meet them out here, however Joana put us in contact with Monique, a dear friend of her’s who runs the super cool Grace Bay Resort. Monique invited the four of us to spend the day at the resort. What a day! We were hypnotized by so much fresh water in front of us in the swimming pool and stunned by the beauty of Grace Bay. The resort is beautiful, really well kept, the food is delicious and the service is top notch!


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While we were at the resort, a good friend from school, Ben Meyer, found out on Facebook that we were in the island and sent me a message. What a pleasant coincidence! So Ben and his sweet mademoiselle, Pei, came and spent some time with us on the boat.


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Ben is learning how to kite and again Ian led us the way to an awesome spot. He told us about Long Bay, which after I visited I can say that it is the best kite surfing learning spot I have ever seen. Ian drove us all there and we had an incredible day kiting. My debt with Ian keeps growing; keep counting, as there is a lot more in the next post. The highlight of the day is that Sarah rode “toe side” for the first time. Sarah is kicking ass and I am really proud of her.


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Next day it was still pretty wind and we moved the boat to a canal between the Mangrove and Little Water Cay, another perfect kiting spot, so we kept kiting between the islands while Feijão ran loose chasing the kite all over the place. It is so much fun seen him enjoying life and running on shallow water chasing after the flying carpet.

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Feijão continues to be the best gift we ever had. Whenever we are felling a bit gloomy he get us laughing by deciding to betray us to a fancier boat, going on a crab hunt and coming back with his nose full of sand or just trying to be sneaky and steal some mango.


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Our last guest during this week was Myrian, a French New Yorker girl, who is an old friend of Sarah’s. She has been sailing around the med many times before, so she felt right a home in Ipanema from day one. She is super easy going with everything and we loved having her on board. By the way, if you like to discuss politics she is the go to person. We had a great time discussing the Brazilian, French and US politics, and the current moment is incredible for that with all the shenanigans that are going on.

Of course discussing politics was not all we did, we went on a sailing and snorkeling expedition for a couple of days and guess what we found on really shallow waters between the reefs and the island? Dolphins! We wasted no time to jump in the water and play with the friendly mammals. By the way, they had a baby! So cute! Even Feijão got curious this time. And guess who was all tears again?

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Now it’s again that sad moment… We have to say goodbye to a lot of people, including family and friends. At least we will stay in Turks and Caicos for a few more days and we have more guests coming up. My mom is coming back, my brother, after one year, will finally come for the first time and also Bia, a good friend from work will join us for two weeks! Together we will go to the Bahamas, Cuba and Jamaica! Only highlights! Can’t wait!

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