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Puerto Lindo… indeed: In hurricane free waters of Panama

Written by Renato Matiolli

We had a safe crossing from Providencia in Colombia to the protected waters of Puerto Lindo, Panama. As soon as we got here Feijão fell in love. We explored the region, admired the nature, got some surfing action and made new great friends.

Panama is way south in the Caribbean so it is in the “hurricane free” zone. We arrived here on June 1st, the official day of the beginning of the hurricane season in the Caribbean. Since we left the hurricane belt on time, our moms should be happy and relieved about this.

By the way, sorry for taking so long to write and for the limited photos. We have been super busy with the boat and guests since we got here. Unfortunately we are not taking as many pictures as we wanted, nor investing so much time into the website as we should. Shame on us… we will make an effort to improve.


The crossing from Providencia to Panama was easy and beautiful. Yet it was quite boring as we did not have much wind and motored most of the time. Luckily my brother was still on the boat and helped us with the shifts.

The only moment we had wind was when a big squall came. However it was blowing at 40+ knots and we couldn’t sail safely either, so we just motored on and admired the force of nature. It was cool to see my brother dancing and enjoying the tropical storm that came with lightnings and thunders, while I was actually shitting my pants. He reminded me of Lutenant Dan in the Forest Gump movie. Remember the scene just before all fishing vessels sunk, which latter resulted in the great success of Bubba’s Shrimp Corporation? That was it.

Well, we all arrived to Panama safely. Our anchorage was in the beautiful bay of Puerto Lindo. A few islands (Isla Grande, Isla Cabra, Isla Linton and Isla Mamey) protect the region, creating a natural harbour. Puerto Lindo has a hilly landscape, which rises straight out of the water, similar to the coast close to where we were born. These mountains hold the clouds coming from the sea and it rains a lot here, A LOT. As a result, it has a beautiful deep green vegetation, the type that my mom likes. This place really reminds me of the north shore of São Paulo and south shore of Rio de Janeiro.


Into this dense forest it is common to find fully loaded mango trees, which are my favorite! Close to the waterline we also found a nice windy river that goes on for a while taking you through a scenic ride full of trees with aerial roots. It is really cool, the place is so protected from the wind that the water is completely flat. It works as a mirror showing a perfect reflection of the trees around.

p1270641_fotor  13728486_10208489630531278_1077006791_o

As per the animal life, the sloths are the highlight and we were able to spot them quite a few times. The similarities between these animals and Feijão are enormous. They are lazy, they live for the sole purposes of eating, peeing and pooing and they also have a chubby belly like our clumsy one. We heard that they are good swimmers (if you are in doubt, this is how you can tell them apart from Feijão). We heard that sometimes they swim to the boat, climb the mast and than it is a cluster fuck to bring them down. One basically needs to wait until they are hungry again; meanwhile they shit all over your deck for a few days. Imagine that!? Thank god it didn’t happen to us.

13662653_10208489621491052_1539499579_o  img_0995_fotor

Ahhh, in Linton Island, close to where we anchored, we also found a few monkeys. Feijão unsuccessfully tried to play with them, but got no love back.

p1270487_fotor  p1270500_fotor

p1270550_fotor  img_0259_fotor

Talking about the clumsy beast, he found love in Puerto Lindo. Her name is Mimi, she is Canadian and super sweet. I am quite sure that Sarah is putting together a plan to try to kidnap her…



As per the surfing scene, there are a few spots around Puerto Lindo. Basically Mamey island, Isla Grande and Cacique lefts, but certainly nothing epic nor worth a surfing trip. However, I am keen to explore San Blas. I bet we will find some unridden surfing spots around those shallow reefs and beautiful islands.

Well, regarding making new friends, we were lucky again. Once we got here we dropped anchor next to the fanciest Catamaran around: Vip One. The crew of the boat is a young beautiful couple who took us under their wings and taught us all we needed to know about the region. They showed us how to source stuff and get things done; where to anchor; who to talk to; what to watch for; which are the rules and etc.

The Capitan, Rafio, is a French dude and he can fix anything you can think of. He has his own cool pirate boat, but the coolest thing about him is that he has a tattoo of an anchor on his tooth. Who the hell has a tattoo on his tooth?! How cool is that?! Only Raf… Cota, his fine-looking mademoiselle, is from Argentina and she is the nicest and sweetest person we met here. From Argentina…. what a paradox, no? Well, she is also an amazing chef and brings us great energy, including (literally) home made dulce de leche, yummy! We are so fortunate to have met these guys and we just love to be around them.


p1270770_fotor  p1270624_fotor

When we arrived here in Panama, we thought Puerto Lindo would be our base here. However this couple has helped us so much that now we are managing to do everything from San Blas so we rarely need to come back to the continent.

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