Diving & Snorkling Martinique

Our days in Martinique:
Short and sweet

Written by Renato Matiolli

Unfortunately the Caribbean has a long hurricane season, which means that we only have 6 months to enjoy it, as a consequence we have to rush through some places. Martinique was one we wished we had stayed a lot longer.

P1200994_Fotor 2

To start, our arrival was just fantastic, as we were getting closer to the island we saw a group of pilot wales swimming close to our boat. These mammals are a bit bigger than a dolphin and a bit smaller than a killer whale. They were around 8-10 of them and they came quite close to the boat, we were all able to admire them.

P1200950_Fotor  P1200946_Fotor

We arrived at Sainte-Anne, a nice anchorage with more than 300 sailing boats! Close by was a marina with more than 500 berths. If felt like we had arrived to a proper sailing destination.


The formalities here are just amazing. No bureaucracy whatsoever, no humans involved. You do the check-in and check-out process at the same time on a computer at the back of a little French boulangerie. At the end, the owner of the place just gives you a stamp and you are free to enjoy the island. It felt just like Brazil…. NOT.

The good and bad thing about here is that they are French, which means great food, drinks and cool accent, but they don’t like to speak English, so sometimes the communication was very limited.

P1200961_FotorThe only two downsides of Martinique was that we had to say goodbye to Jess, who got a nice job on a mega yacht in Saint Maarten, and having to fix our generator. This time I really excelled myself, I managed to diagnose the problem and fix the machine without professional help. Hurray! I guess we are becoming true seaman. For Jess, we really hope she enjoys her new job and crew, it was great having her aboard.


Well, the good news is that Katarina will still be with us for a couple more days, she is lots of fun and decided that between one banana colada and the other, she should cut Sarah’s hair…


P1210032_FotorThe highlight of Martinique was Duda’s birthday. Sarah tried her new recipe of the week, a super yummy lime pie, we dug some candles on the merengue and sang happy birthday to him whilst Feijão got mega excited with all the cheering and clapping and almost dropped the pie. All in all was a fabulous sunny day.

As a birthday gift, Duda asked us to take him to the best place we could find and so we moved to Anse Dufour and Anse Noire. These are two beautiful bays with great snorkeling and diving spots. The water was crystal clear, there were lots of turtles and heaps of fish. I have never seen so many fish together in my life.



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Now, time to head to our next destination, Dominica here we come!


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