This is what our guests had to say about their stay with us:

John Pacey

San Blas – 05/06/2016

The best skipper couple in the world. Thanks for treating us so well in San Blas. Hugs and Kisses with saudades. Hope to be back on board soon.



Katarina Poljak

Portsmouth, Dominica – 01/02/2016

Dear Sarah, Renato e meu novo namorado Feijão,P1200673_Fotor

Thank you so much for having me on board cozy Ipanema! Both Jess and I had such a wonderful time with you. Muito obrigada for helping us to re-charge our ‘batteries’ and get ready for the next chapter in our lives. Time spent with you was so relaxing and fun, you just re-confirmed my decision of staying away from the office and travelling the world!

You two, an amazing dupla, are living the dream with Feijão, meu safadinho. I wish more people can have the courage to do the same, but I’m pretty sure you will ‘convert’ many people along the way to follow their dreams.

I promise I will be your ambassador and recommend you to my friends. For sure, I’m coming back with Marina and John to explore new places with you!

I wish you fair winds and fun travels! Carpe diem.


Kat <3



Jessica Harbison

Martinique – 30/01/2016

To Renato, Sarah & Feijão,

Thank you for letting me a small part in your journey trip around the world. I’ve loved every minute, from the meals made with love, stand up paddle boarding around the Caribbean, to Feijão’s banana fetish. You’ve shown how simple it is to live life on the sea and your approach to life has been inspiring. I promise to be your Aussie Ambassador and will pass on your details to those who want an amazing sailing trip with two awesome Brazilians.

Safe travels and happy days at sea,

Jess x



Fatimah Ali

Bridgetown, Barbados – 01/01/2015

Renato, Sarah & Feijão, P1200178_Fotor

Happy New Year!!! Thank you for a warm, wonderful time one your boat! I learned a lot of little things that I will take home with me – like Sarah’s yummy yet healthy banana snack! I also fell in love with “beans” who is Ipanema’s mascot! He is also warm, loving and playful. Seeing the waters of Barbados each day while relaxing on your boat was enough to wash away the stress I came with instantly. The pace of life here was contagious and will stay with me once I’m back home. Our short stay with you guys has reminded me of what is important in this life. Sometimes when you are used to living a nonstop pace of life, you miss the moments of being present. Witnessing you two live a life so alive is truly inspirational for those of us seeking balance with our work and personal lives. Thank you for taking such good care of us! I trust one day that Feijão will be the face of sailboat mascots, don’t forget to give him his fair share of food!

Lots of love & warm wishes,

Fatimah <3




Paolo PezzicaP1190643_Fotor - Paolo

Bridgetown, Barbados – 19/12/2015

Dear Sarah, Renato and Feijão

Many thanks for this good time at sea, crossing the Atlantic Ocean was always a dream for me, and we made it! Night watch were amazing for me, with all the stars and sea around us… So good luck and hold fast, to the next destination of your journey… like a tank! And be ware of the “bestia malefia” in the hour of demônio!

Ciao kisses,




Jens Hjort-PetersenDSC02483_Fotor

Bridgetown, Barbados – 19/12/2015

Dear Feijão, Sarah and Renato,

“20 years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didnt d than by the ones you did do. So throw off the goodlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain.

And so you did! J Many thanks for hte fantastic days on the trip across the Atlantic. It will be a memory and a great experience that I always will remember with great gratitude. I wish you all a continuation of a great tour of the world’s oceans.

Good winds! And remember, there is always something to celebrate!

With love,




Sasha & JelenaP1180881_Fotor

Ibiza, Spain – 06/09/2015

Thank you guys for the amazing trip, you are great! We enjoyed it. It was a great experience for us to spend time on the boat! Especially with such a great crew!

Thanks a lot,

Sasha & Jelena




Pavel Poteknin

Crete, Greece –  01/08/2015DSC01412_Fotor

Dear Sarah, Renato & Feijão,

I have heard about the people who sail around the world. You are the first I have actually met in person! It was a real pleasure to stay with you. You are amazing hosts! Thank you so much!

Good luck with your sailing efforts! I will follow you on facebook! 🙂

I have this feeling that I will meet you again!





Katherine French

Mykonos, Greece – 13/07/2015IMG_0248_Fotor

Renato & Sarah

How amazing to be here with you in Mykonos! Such fun sailing (no wind), kitting (40 knot) and cooking on board Ipanema. You two are the best hosts, from Rio to Greece 🙂 May you have smooth waters, warm winds, good friends and many laughs on the journey.

Muito obrigada, beijos,


PS: Big cuddles for Feijão



Ino Hot & Ivana Marusic

Dubrovnik, Croatia – 25/05/2015DSC00643_Fotor_Fotor

Dear Sarah & Renato,

It was really amazing sailing and experience with two amazing hosts. We can say three, Feijão was included in everything. 🙂 A lot of fun, experience, learning how to call Feijão to come (”venki, venki” 🙂 ), cooking delicious food, visiting islands and a little bit of adventures on our way are just a few memories from our trip that we remember with smiles on faces. 🙂

Hope we will see you again in a short period so we can make and share more memories together!

Muchos besos!

Ino & Ivana



Marina PoljakIMG_1798

Split, Croatia – 03/05/2015

Renato and Sarah were the best hosts ever! Sailing with them was such a great experience! Good company, laughter, sun, sea, smiles… I wish that every person in the whole wide world could find her/his purpose in life the way Sarah and Renato did! In case you are having a bad day, there is their dog to warm your heart and put a smile on your face!

Thank you!




Marina MarinciP1100292

Split, Croatia – 03/05/201

Sarah and Renato,

Thank you for having me in your home.. I can’t describe how lucky I am to meet you and spend some amazing time with you guys!! Safe journey around the world and hope to see you very soon … somewhere.

Thank you,




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