How it Works


To sail with us is quite simple:

  1. Decide if you are willing to share the boat with other guests or if you want the boat exclusively;
  2. Go to the rates and boat availability page to check for the dates you plan to travel;
  3. Go to the upcoming trip calendar to see where we are going to be when you want to join us;
  4. Send us a message at or at the book your cabin form to get things going;
  5. Read the setting up expectations page to make sure you are up to the adventure;
  6. If you are ok with the above, book your flights and let’s have fun
Frequently asked questions

“What is include in the price: A captain, a hostess, your own cabin with private bathroom, food and drinks, boat consumables such as diesel, playing with Feijão, good morning smiles and some of the toys, such as snorkelling gear and SUPs;

“What is not included in the price”: Internet, VISA, immigration fees, transfers to and from the boat, natural reserve fees and scuba diving gear;

“What is the minimum and maximum time one can stay”: We prefer that guests come for at least 3 days since there is a lot of preparing and logistics involved, but if you are flexible to meet us and leave the boat wherever we are, shorter periods can also be arranged. There is not maximum stay.

“Do I need to know how to sail?”: Hell no, in fact we prefer if you are not an expert, we are not looking for speed, we are looking for comfort and safety;

“Can’t I go to the boat an just relax?”: Of course you can. It is your vacation, you can do as much or as little as you want;

“What type of activity do I have to do?”: You do not have to do anything, but some support is always helpful, such as organising lines and fenders, spotting shallow areas close to anchorage points, cooking a meal if you feel like it;

“What do you expect from guest”: Good attitude! We expect you to treat the boat as your best friend’s house. The only thing you will really need to do is to PLEASE, SAVE FRESH WATER;

So are you some sort of a small floating club Med?”: Hell no! Nothing against them by the way, but we do not have hourly activities planned out, we do not make you do stuff you do not want to and we are certainly not professional teachers of anything. When we go surfing, yoga, sup, kiting, snorkeling, diving, etc, you are more than welcome to join us, however we are not surf, sup or kite instructors, nor yoga master. We can definitely help and give you a few hints on a few of them, but apart from diving, we have no formal certification to teach any of these activities.

“What type of stuff is welcome on the boat?”: Toys such as: boards, underwater cameras, drones, snorkeling and diving gear, and dog loving people;

“What type of stuff is not welcome on the boat?”: Long showers and spending a lot of fresh water (as this is the most scarce resource in any boat), smoking (outside only, please), super heavy rolley bags, drugs, dark sole shoes, high hills, dark tanning lotion, hair dryer and hair straighter (sorry ladies, it literally kills the batteries), throwing things in the ocean;