Setting up expectations

This adventure is not for everyone. Some people will LOVE it and some may DISLIKE it. Make sure you are the type of people who will love before embarking in this adventure. 

Please take the time to read the following page: “Be our guest, How it works” so that you know better what to expect from this adventure.


The type of people who will LOVE this adventure:

  • Adventures who are seeking to run away from the classic tourism spots and like something more unique and exclusive;
  • Individuals who like the nature, beautiful landscape, marine life and pristine beaches;
  • People who are not in a rush and like to explore and spend more than a few minutes in a certain location;
  • Pet lovers will enjoy Feijão’s company. He is super sweet and will want to get attention and love from you;
  • Savvy travellers who are not afraid to explore.


The type of people who may DISLIKE this adventure:

  • Highly urban individuals who travel with the main purpose to enjoy the night life and fancy restaurants;
  • People who can’t compromise being in a boat (that means, want to live on a boat with all the comfort of a modern city – sorry I would love that as well but this is only for billionaires);
  • Individuals who want to do a lot in a short timeframe (be prepared, boat life is slower than the life in big cities)
  • Those with very fancy and/or strict dietary restriction. Sarah cooks yummy, yet simple home cooking food. We buy and cook what we find freshest, and in small islands/villages we may not find a lot of options.


Water and electricity: This is always our main concern with guests that have never been on a boat before. Ipanema is a boat (and not a house) therefore there is limited fresh water and energy. So while in a cruising boat, it is important that all crew members save these two limited resources. If you can’t take a shower with just a few liters of water, probably the boat life will not work for you. If you drink a dozen of beers per day and need to have it at zero degrees, our small 12v refrigerator running on batteries will be a disappointment.

The pace of our trip: We are on this journey to enjoy each place, not to take a picture, post on Instagram and move on to the next destination. So be prepared to relax and enjoy. If you are more the type of person that wants to see a lot in a short period of time, maybe this experience is not perfect for you.

Meeting our schedule: We have not missed a deadline so far, but we are heavily dependent on the weather and on the boat conditions. We will not put anyone, nor the boat in danger to meet a deadline, therefore arriving late to a spot may happen.

Planning your trip: Since we are always moving, we don’t know what is the best flight to get from where you are to where we are going to be, but Google can help us. You will need to search and book your flights to the closest airport to the pick-up and drop-off points. Having said that we can always discuss alternatives.

Precise meeting and drop-off point: We can’t know exactly in which bay we will be in the future. This will depend on the weather, how beautiful each place looks once we get there and local regulation. We will only know exactly where we are going to be around 24 hour prior to your arrival. It is important to note that at the begging and/or end of your journey it might be necessary to get a taxi and/or a ferry.

Sourcing: As we are always moving to new locations sourcing is quite difficult for us. We never know where to get basic things one finds easily in a town, such as cooking gas, fresh groceries, Internet, washing clothes, etc. We try to get everything ready before our guests arrive, but sometimes this must be done during the trip.

Fixing the boat: We have not yet had guests waiting for us to fix the boat, but it may happen that just before your arrival something will break. It is important to be prepared to spend one or two days onshore exploring the surrounding of the pick-up point while we manage to find someone to help us to fix the boat.

Weather: Believe it or not we do not control the weather. There might be rainy days, or too windy, or no wind at all. This is an adventure and who dictates what we do in terms of activities: sailing, surfing, kiting, diving, relaxing, staying protected… it is the weather, so be prepared to be flexible.

Sailing vs. motoring: We will try to sail as much as we can, even if it takes longer than motoring to get to our location. Our goal is to sail around the world and not motor around the world.