Toys on the Boat

We didn’t want to leave anything behind so packing for this trip felt like the Noah’s Ark somehow… I guess. Find bellow the list of toys on the boat.


All sorts of boards were certainly a great portion of this adventure for us. So we thought that the boat should have:

  • Surfboards and body boards: an old passion for us… however they will only start to be used once we are out the Mediterranean I guess;
  • Kite surfing: before sailing with a Catamaran, this is where our passion for chasing the wind began. So we are bringing gear for strong and weaker winds, for freestyle and kitesurfing;
  • Stand up paddle: these will have multiple purpose. Beyond having fun, surfing and exercising, we would like to replace the dinghy as much as possible for the SUPs. We use them to explore new places, go to shore, be a safe base for spearfishing, take Feijão to shore to get his business done or just for a ride ( Also if you are a guest and want to use dark tanning lotion on the white deck of our boat… it is not going to happen… so the “El Tostador the Chicas” (the chick toaster = aka Isle’s Megalodon SUP) will be the solution for you, ok?
  • Skateboard (Carver): so that we don’t forget our roots… we are from São Paulo… no water around that area! Also our dog Feijão loves it and did not let us leave it behind.


Since we are absolutely passionate about the marine life and seafood, diving and fishing gear could not be left behind. So we are brining:

  • Diving gear: we have installed an awesome Bauer dive compressor on the boat. So we can explore the sea life as much as we want. We have also added BCDs, regulators, octopus, dive computers, weights and all the diving gear that one must have;
  • Snorkeling gear: as Noronha enthusiasts, we are quite aware that many times one does not have to go too deep to see most of what is underwater. So snorkeling will be a good part of our time in the water. By the way, Sarah brought a huge mermaid fin. I am really curious to see when she is going to use it… anyhow any snorkeling gear is important to us as this is how Sarah started to seduce me with her cute “mermaidish way”;
  • Fishing gear: while we like to observe marine life, we also love seafood. So of course we try our luck into fishing. I guess the last fish I caught before this I was 8 years old. I was with my grandfather at Clube Recanto lagoon. The fish was a Tilapia not greater than 8cm long. Of course the purpose here is only to feed us, so once we get a fish (if we ever catch one) the rods are out of the water;
  • Barbecue: once we catch a fish (if this ever happens… by the way, don’t worry if we don’t get one, we will buy one, post pictures and say we got it, ok?). Well, when this happens, it will have some prime real estate waiting for them on the cockpit deck!


Of course that spoiled Feijão packed a lot more toys than we could carry. So besides his favorite skateboard and stand-up paddle board, we also had to bring more stuff, which included:

  • All sort of bones: Big, small, colorful, “indestructible“ ones;
  • Banana toy: his (and our) favorite, because we can put some snacks inside for him to eat and this way he can entertain himself for a while1 and we can get some rest.. (1. a while = aprox. 30 seconds);
  • Tug war cable: this toy is really great to develop his “mediation/relaxing mode” skills. Sometimes we wonder… why did we not choose a Lhasa Apso? Well better to be biting that bloody cable than chewing on and bringing down the mast of the boat.


We also brought some more stuff that we used to do together as a couple since the beginning of your relationship, such as:

  • Folding bikeFolding bikes: will be very useful to explore the islands and to go for groceries, mail, laundry and etc;
  • Beach racquets: we love as we can do it together. Well that is, before we brought Feijão into our lives, now he certainly seems to want to participate as well. This is one of the first sports we did together as a couple
  • Yoga mats, TRX and some Pilates gear: we are certainly inexperienced on the matter. However we would like to use this time off to get more and more used to Yoga, TRX and Pilates.


Since we are starting to get old and to forget a few things here and then we would like to capture a few moments to remember when we get really old. So we are bringing some content creation gear:

  • DSC_0155Drone: of course it is also a cool toy. But we use to make movies so it gives a purpose when people ask why do we have it;
  • Action cameras and accessories: to be used with the drone, underwater and for boarding sports;
  • DLSR camera and lenses: we are bringing a shit load of lenses. We are still trying to learn what they are good for and how to use them. But we trust our dear friends on advices, lets see…;
  • Underwater housing: since action cameras are so great on underwater images, we are wondering why we need this. Probably because action cameras tend to show objects further than they appear and we don’t want to get way too close to some sea creatures;
  • Tripod: the movement of the boat is already a challenge by itself to capture good images. Our movement would be another one so we are trying to reduce what we can.


Well, I guess this is it. You know, many people told us that after a few weeks or months we will get bored and head back to our previous jobs… we are wondering how the hell is this going to happen with all these toys and Feijão onboard? Besides the “toys”, planning the trip, daily chores (like cooking, cleaning, etc) and just fixing the boat, is already a full time job for a small nation.