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The Cyclades:
We finally made it!

Written by Renato Matiolli

Another week has passed by and we finally made safely to the Cyclades.

After Sunion Bay and the Poseidon temple we started motoring to Kythnos, which is an island in the Cyclades. Unfortunately we again had problems with our Volvo engine, so we decided to go back to Athens to try to get it fixed one more time. So this event has delayed us a few days and we had to cut short a some islands in the Cyclades that we really wanted to visit.

The great news is that now it has been a week that the engine has not given us any problems and so we are confident that it has been fully fixed!!!! …. Well, at least for now.

At the end, a few days later, we managed to get safely to Kythnos. The sail was amazing and we had dolphins following us REALLY close to the boat for quite a while. It is such a great felling to get these wild animals following the boat and getting these close to us! It just impossible to describe. Once I read that the males do this to distract us while the bigger pack with females and babies go the other way around. I don’t think that is true as there was a baby dolphin and his mom chasing us as well. We would love to believe that they do this as they really want to interact with us. The more we cheered with their jumps the more they kept jumping. It was an amazing moment for us.

IMG_0103_Fotor  IMG_0107_Fotor

Once we got to Kythnos we got some great shelter at Kolona Bay. The place is truly amazing! This region has a few bays that will protect you and your boat from the much-feared Meltemi wind, which blows quite strong here during summer. Two of these bays (Kolona and Fikiadha) are separated by just a small strip of sand and it looks really neat.

P1180214_Fotor  P1180184_Fotor

Once we arrived at Kolona Bay our anchor was dragging quite a bit, so for the first time we decided to do “Pirate Style” and tie ourselves into the rocks to make sure we were not browned away by the Meltemi. Maybe this is an easy task for most people but for only the two of us it was not that easy task at all. It is somehow difficult since you have to tie yourself to the rocks, while the wind is blowing you away and you have to keep maneuvering the dinghy and the boat while there is risk of the ropes get stuck in each one of the propellers.

DSC01051_Fotor DSC01060_Fotor

These ropes turned out to be great as we used the line to install our “eco-friendly” ferry Ipanema-Kythnos-Ipanema to got to shore and get Feijão doing his business on land and also exploring. Not to our surprise, after a few minutes on land, the little rascal found a skull of a sheep, goat or something. What a maniac!

IMG_0169_Fotor  IMG_0152_Fotor  IMG_0120_Fotor

DSC01015_Fotor  P1180193_Fotor

We decided to stay in Kythnos for a few days waiting for the Meltemi to easy and meanwhile we enjoyed the place.

P1180368_Fotor  P1180326_Fotor 



Our next stop was Syros Island, which is half way between Kythnos and Mykonos. The sail here was really rough, we ended up getting 40 knots of wind at some point and after reefing the sails a few times we decided to lower the entire thing and use the engine for the final part. We have been amazed how wrong all the “reliable” forecast are. The forecast was for 15 knots of wind and we got 40… how can this be possible?

Here in Syros we have supplied the boat and got some really good diving time. Unfortunately the pictures don’t really show how great it was (we need to improve on underwater pictures) but we found an incredible cave and a place with these weird neon colored corals that looks like you are in some sort of acid trip.

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 4_Fotor 10  Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 4_Fotor 15

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 4_Fotor 09  Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 3_Fotor 02

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 3_Fotor 05  Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 4_Fotor 07

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 5_Fotor 16
Right now, Sarah and Feijão, who were awake since 4-5 am, are sleeping,
I am typing and the wind outside continues to blow quite strong. DSC01127_FotorThis afternoon our good friend Katherine French arrives and we hope this wind dies down a bit for her and other friends who are arriving in Greece, so that they can enjoy their stay more. From now until August the boat is almost fully booked and will not be easy to maintain the blog, Facebook and Instagram updated, but we will do our best, I promise.

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