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Zakynthos: A mermaid tried to seduced me, but Sarah’s spell was stronger

Written by Renato Matiolli

What a week passed by. Great sailing and weather, incredible landscape, friendly locals, yummy food and even a Greek Goddess from the deep hoped into our dinghy for a few seconds.

This week started with a bit of a stressful situation, as we decided to take the Lefkada canal to head south. The sail down from Paxos do Lefkada was great, but once we got to the entrance of the canal the wind was a bit too strong and we realized that to enter the canal one must go through a bridge than opens only on the hour. Since we were early, we waited for about 20 minutes amongst a lot of other boats that also wanted to use the canal. This should be an easy task, but it was not since there was a lot of wind gusts that kept pushing the boats all over the place, so we all had to keep maneuvering non-stop in order not to crash against each other. So those 20 minutes felt like hours for me.


We also didn’t know how narrow the canal was before they opened the bridge. We were a bit apprehensive because the wind was very strong, hitting us from the side and this would push us against the rocky margin of the canal… and on top of that, we were quite concerned because we had read that once you are in, it is almost impossible to turn back around. Well, a lot of anxiety for nothing. Once we were in the canal, riding through it was a piece of cake.

I always have that before some new event such as a deep dive, kiting in stronger winds or surfing bigger waves in a place I have never been. It turns out that most of the time things are not as bad as one creates in his freaky “armageddonly” creative mind.

A few miles south of the canal we anchored in a fishing village to buy fresh groceries, rest for the night and take Feijão for a walk. But once again, the walk was not too long as Feijão got stuck half way to the maket. We thought we were getting a lazy dog, but nothing like this, by now I am quite sure that Feijão has a bit of sloth DNA in him. By the way, since he is very white, we never take him out during strong sunny hours. This was like 7pm.

On the following day, the next place we anchored was a paradise. A small channel between Ithaca Island and Pera Pighadi Island.

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 7_Fotor 2

We planed to just anchor for the night and move on to Zakynthos, but we liked this place so much that we stayed a few days. We went diving, we rested, we ate and we did nothing! Great times!

DSC00793_Fotor  IMG_0033_Fotor

DSC00773_Fotor  Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 11_Fotor 2

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 11_Fotor 7  Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 11_Fotor 8

You know… people ask us: “What do you do with all your spare time?!?!”

Well, believe or not we do not have too much spare time as one may think. We are bums, but almost professional bums since we are always doing something like taking care of Feijão, cleaning and fixing the boat, cooking, sailing, taking pictures, updating our Instagram, Facebook and website, planning the next safe places to anchor, plan the few weeks ahead of us to be able to receive guests, buying food, taking trash out, etc.

But you are right, sometimes we have nothing to do. So this is what we do…

P1160078_Fotor  IMG_0009_Fotor

We piles rocks and assemble toys for Feijão to bite instead of chewing important pieces of the boat. Sarah and I had seen these piled rocks in a few different place we had been in the past, and we had always asked ourselves: “Who are these people?!?! Who has the time to pile rocks on top of each other?!?!” Now we know… people with a lot of spare time and a clear mind. And that’s us at the moment.
We than kept moving south all the way to Zakynthos. We found a bay called Nikolaos with the nicest locals who helped us anchored and point us to the right direction for supplies. After we had done everything we needed… then it Moussaka night once again! Followed by ice cream.

P1160025_Fotor  IMG_7578

Next morning we woke up again with our natural alarm clock – Feijão! It is incredible, every single morning at 6.15am sharp, he wakes up, and usually Sarah is the one to jump out of bed to feed him and go for his morning walk. It is actually great because at this time it is still not as hot, she takes him on her SUP to the nearest beach, they came back, we have breakfast together and usually by 9am he is already fast a sleep until about 5-6pm.

But this was one of those days that we both got out of bed and got moving to the famous Navagio beach before the other dozens of boats and hundreds of people arrived. We were the first ones on the place and it kept like that for a few hours. What a special place! We spent the whole day there, first ones in, last ones out.

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 9_Fotor 2  Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 9_Fotor 4

DSC00822_Fotor_Fotor  P1160015_Fotor

Next day we moved to the Blue Caves of Zakynthos, another incredible sight. We anchored just at the perfect spot.


Then I went to explore the caves with our dinghy.

P1160058_Fotor P1160075_Fotor IMG_0064_Fotor

P1160056_Fotor P1160057_Fotor IMG_0091_Fotor

To my surprise a Mermaid made an appearance jumping from the bottom of the cave into my dinghy, since I don’t understand Greek very well, I could not be seduced by her singing. Maybe it was because Sarah’s spell was stronger, I don’t really know….


foto_FotorWe are all together now sailing towards Athens as a happy family! I am typing and sailing, Sarah is fixing Feijão’s safety net around the boat for him not to fall overboard, and Feijão…. guess what?… he is sleeping, dreaming and farting. In the next life I want to come as Feijão.

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